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Medical graduates' preparedness for practice

Funded by the GMC, we conducted interviews and focus groups with numerous stakeholders in medical education (e.g. students and trainees, educators, patients, managers) and a longitudinal audio-diary study with newly qualified Foundation Year 1 doctors in Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland to explore key issues in graduates’ preparedness for practice and their implications for the development of Tomorrow’s Doctors.  These findings, alongside a rapid review of the literature, were submitted to the GMC as a final report in May 2014 [Monrouxe LV (Principal Investigator), Bullock A, Cole J, Gormley G, Kaufhold K, Kelly N, Mattick K, Rees C, Scheffler G (2014) How Prepared are UK Medical Graduates for Practice? Final Report from a programme of research commissioned by the General Medical Council, May 2014].

Completion Date: 
May, 2014
Project Completed?: