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Dr Lisi Gordon

University of Dundee
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow / SMERC Associate Director

I am currently a co-investigator and Post-doctoral Research Fellow for the SMERC Large Research Grant project entitled ‘Exploring the transition experiences of higher-stage medical trainees: A longitudinal audio-diary study across the trainee-trained/trainee-SAS transition’. In addtion, I am a Part-time tutor on the Masters in Medical Education programme run by CME Dundee with specific responsibility for the ‘Management and Leadership in Medical Education’ module.

A qualified physiotherapist and health professions educator by background, after eight years of clinical practice I moved into physiotherapy education in 2001 and then finally into healthcare and medical educational research in 2006. I completed my PhD in March 2015 (funded by SMERC) entitled: “Conceptualising, narrating and enacting leadership in the interprofessional healthcare workplace: a study of complexity using qualitative methods”. As part of my research, I have developed expertise in qualitative research methods including: interviews, visual-methodologies, and multiple forms of analysis (e.g. thematic, narrative and discourse analyses).

I have been involved with SMERC since January 2012 and was part of the Medical Education Research Group (MERE) for Phase 1. In addtion, I was part of the expert group in Stage 3 of the SMERC priority setting exercise that developed the five research priority areas that have formed the networks moving forward into Phase 2. Relevant to these priorities, I have particular interest and expertise in leadership and management, interprofessional teamworking, complexity theory, workplace learning and workplace learning culture. 



  • Leadership
  • Interprofessional working
  • Workplace culture
  • Work-based learning
  • Qualitative methodologies
  • Visual methods of data collection and analysis

Key presentations

  • Ajjawi R, Gordon L (2014) ‘Visibilising learning in practice: an introduction to using video methods in medical education research’. ASME Researching Medical Education workshop, London, 19th November.
  • Mesman J, Gordon L (2014), ‘Using video-reflexivity in healthcare research’, CMDN workshop, University of Dundee, June 2014
  • Gordon L, Rees CE, Ker JS, Cleland JA (2014) Exploring leadership in the interprofessional healthcare workplace using video reflexive ethnography. Presented at the Fourth NES Medical Education Conference, Edinburgh, 6th May 2014.
  • Ajjawi R, Gordon L (2014) ‘An introduction to video methods in simulation-based education research’, Workshop: The Scottish Clinical Skills Network (SCSN) and The Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPiH) Scottish Symposium, 23rd to 24th April, Glasgow.
  • Gordon L, Rees CE, Ker JS, Cleland J (2014) Medical trainees conceptualisations and experiences of leadership in the interprofessional healthcare workplace, Seminar presentation, Centre for Health Communication, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia, 10th February 2014.
  • Gordon L, Rees CE, Ker JS, Cleland J (2013) Medical trainees’ lived experiences of leadership and followership within the inter-professional workplace learning environment. Presented at ASME Annual Scientific Meeting, 10-12 July 2013: Edinburgh.
  • Gordon L, Rees CE, Ker JS, Cleland J (2013) “If it was monkeys in the zoo, there’s one person who’s very much…the alpha male”: A metaphorical analysis of medical trainees’ talk about leadership and followership. Presented at ASME Annual Scientific Meeting, 10-12 July 2013: Edinburgh.
  • Gordon L, Smith J, Urqhuart L, Ajjawi R (2013) The camera never lies? Using video methodologies to make the invisible visible to learners in the healthcare workplace. Symposium to be presented at the 8th International Conference: Researching Work and Learning, Stirling Management Centre, University of Stirling,19th-22nd June 2013.
  • Gordon L, Rees CE, Ker JS, Cleland JA (2013) Medical trainees’ experiences of leadership within the interprofessional workplace learning environment. Presented (by C Rees) at the 5th International Clinical Skills Conference, Prato, Tuscany, 19th-22nd May 2013.