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Increasing the diversity of the medical workforce

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 - 12:00
Dr Sally Curtis
Room 210, Suttie Centre, Foresterhill, Aberdeen.

Dr Sally Curtis, University of Southampton, will be speaking about widening access to medicine on Tuesday 7th May 2016.  She is also visiting Dundee University School of Medicine on Monday 6th May.

Sally Curtis is the BM6 programme and WA lead for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton and is also a member of the MSC selection alliance board, whose aim is to lead the development of work relating to selection and widening participation on behalf of the Medical Schools Council.  Sally is involved in WA teaching and curriculum development at a number of Universities in the UK and is also engaged in a wide range of research projects in this area, with a particular interest in student support.

Her visit is particularly timely given the creation of 50 additional medical school places to support increasing the diversity of the medical workforce.

Sandwich lunch available from 12.30