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Experience of communication-related anxiety in medical students

Tuesday, January 27, 2015 - 12:30 to 13:30
Dr Anita Laidaw (University of St Andrews)
Morlich/Nevis Room, Mackenzie Building

Dundee Health Professions Education Research Seminar Series

Abstract: Limited evidence suggests that some medical students experience communication-related anxiety such as social anxiety, and that students who are publicly self-conscious can find clinical communication training methodology anxiety provoking. Previous work in a small sample of medical students also uncovered a reluctance to seek help for such anxiety due to not wishing to appear weak in the eyes of peers or faculty. This seminar will present the results of a mixed methods study examining the experiences of UK medical students in relation to communication-related anxiety and help seeking using survey and interview methodology. 
Biography: Anita Laidlaw is a Principal Teaching Fellow at the Medical School, University of St Andrews, where she runs the Medical Education Research Group. She is Co-Director of the Centre for Higher Education Research, also at the University of St Andrews, and an Associate Director of the Medical Education Research Executive of SMERC (Scottish Medical Education Research Consortium). Anita has three main research interests, medical and higher education student wellbeing, clinical communication training including assessment and remediation, and healthcare communication relating to discussions around weight management. Anita uses a broad range of approaches in her research including survey and detailed analysis of video recorded behaviour and applies theoretical concepts from health psychology.
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